Kenny Jackson is one of the best! He is able to break down knowledge of his craft for the beginner to understand, and can teach at any level. I am a beginning fiddle player, and while I am in awe of his musical skill, I still find him to be an encouraging, clear, and excellent teacher. ”

— Sue West

General Info 

The old-time fiddle music that I teach is deeply rooted in American traditional music, especially from the Appalachian South – the kind of music that was commonly played by country folks long before more “modern” styles like bluegrass, western swing, and country-western were popularized via mass media, and before contest-style fiddling (like at the famous Weiser, Idaho contest and other events) developed. It’s a beautiful, diverse, and deep kind of music that I’ve loved, played, and taught for decades. I love lots of kinds of music including all the above, but this is where my roots are strongest. 

I also teach old-time banjo (overhand, up-picking, and fingerpicking), rhythm guitar and old-time flatpicking.

I have taught many students online since 2007, and I continue to teach lessons via Zoom. I have suspended doing in-person lessons for at least the duration for the coronavirus pandemic. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about lessons and my rates.